Ginger Pride March On Streets Of Edinburgh

All Hail The Red, Orange And Pale!

More than a hundred redheads have taken part in the UK's first Ginger Pride march.

A parade led by Canadian comic Shawn Hitchins wound through Edinburgh city centre to demonstrate against ''gingerism'' - described as prejudice or discrimination against people with red hair.

The march created an "amazing" atmosphere as it made its way from the Balmoral Hotel on Princes Street across North Bridge to the city's Royal Mile, Mr Hitchins said.

Marchers Katie Polson, Diane Spencer, Heather Hughes and Mhairi Dalglish are pictured with Shawn Hitchins at the Ginger Pride Walk

"Everyone was cheering and we definitely let everyone know that it gets redder," he said.

"I just want to thank all my fellow gingers who took the time attend today's inaugural Ginger Pride event.

"I believe we truly sent a message to the world of how proud we are to be ginger. It was a special moment for gingers everywhere. All hail the red, orange and pale."

Marchers held aloft signs carrying messages such as ''For the love of ginger'', ''All hail! The red, orange and pale'' as well as ''Ginger and proud''.

Hitchins is also performing a show inspired by his hair colour called Ginger Nation at this year's Edinburgh PBH's Free Fringe.


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