Wilderness Festival: Best Quotes On Mindfulness, Wellbeing And Work-Life Balance

'Meditation Isn't About Feeling Perky...It's About Feeling Sh*t And Sticking With It'

As part of our partnership with Wilderness Festival, HuffPost UK have been hosting daily panel discussions covering a range of topics. On Saturday, we explored Less Stress, More Living.

Hosted by editor-in-chief Carla Buzasi, the panel included Claire Hamilton (head of Secret Sanctuary and acupuncture therapist), Jayne Morris (burnout expert and HuffPost UK blogger), Cherry Healey (TV presenter and HuffPost UK blogger), Ruby Wax (comedian, TV personality and mental health activist) and Susie Pearl (happiness and wellbeing activist - who also has the best job title in the world).

We're pulled the top quotes from our experts on mindfulness, wellbeing and striking work-life balance.

Questions from the audience included whether mindfulness is accessible to all, de-stigmatising mental health, and how gender affects our willingness to seek help for stress.

"We need to start thinking about how to manage our minds" - Susie Pearl

"Festivals show that people are desperate - to let go, play, connect with others and ultimately have fun" - Claire Hamilton

"Thoughts aren't fact, so don't take them seriously" - Ruby Wax

"I want to instil a positive mindset on my daughter. I realised that to do this, I had to change my own mindset first. I needed to think about the way I think and speak about things - for example body consciousness - because Coco learns directly from me." - Cherry Healey

"The body and mind are intrinsically linked. Stress and anxiety are the root of many illnesses, we need to listen to our minds to prevent them." - Jayne Morris

"You shouldn't run away from your problems, you need to aim straight for the heart of the beast." - Ruby Wax

"I suffer from 'Room B' syndrome, I always think other people are having a better time than me. Social media has made this worse - when comparing yourself to others, you rarely come out favourably." - Cherry Healey

"There is not a one-size-fits-all solution, everyone needs something different to get some balance in their lives. It might be yoga or meditation, or even singing and dancing" - Claire Hamilton

"We need to shift habits so that people catch themselves before reaching burnout" - Jayne Morris

"We can learn a lot from children, we need to take more time to be playful and enjoy simple things." - Jayne Morris

"For me mindfulness is like building a house, so the next time the tsunami that is depression comes I'll have a structure in place to resist it." - Ruby Wax

"Meditation isn't about feeling perky and happy, it's about feeling shit and sticking with it." - Ruby Wax

"Nowadays people are realising that meditation doesn't have to be related to religion or a cult. I think we need to change the word." - Susie Pearl

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