Margaret Thatcher Biography Tops Tories List Of MPs' Summer Reads

It's not exactly what springs to mind when you think of leisurely beach reading, but loyal Tory MPs have made Margaret Thatcher's hefty life story their favourite book this summer.

Unlike last year, when EL James's racy Fifty Shades Of Grey was the Tories' poolside choice, MPs this year showed little appetite for light reading, despite living and breathing politics all year.

In a list bereft of traditional easy beach reads, thrillers and chick lit novels, the former prime minister's political biography, written by ex-Daily Telegraph editor Charles Moore, came out top for chillaxing Tory MPs.

Margaret Thatcher's biography came out as the top choice of MPs' summer reading this year

Along with their swim trunks and sun cream, Conservative MPs also packed away the equally heavyweight biography of the political philosopher Edmund Burke, written by fellow Tory MP Jesse Norman.

Equally devoted Labour MPs made former home secretary Alan Johnson's childhood memoir, This Boy, their number one choice.

Second place went to the work of another former Labour minister - Lord Adonis's account of the formation of the coalition, Five Days In May.

Boosting their "green" credentials, Liberal Democrat MPs packed away environmentalist Tony Juniper's What Has Nature Ever Done For Us?

The overall top five among MPs of all parties was:

  • 1. Margaret Thatcher - Charles Moore
  • 2. This Boy - Alan Johnson
  • 3. Five Days In May - Andrew Adonis
  • 4. Edmund Burke - Jesse Norman
  • 5. Modethw rnity Britain: Opening The Box - David Kynaston.

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