Aerial Arctic Tour Courtesy Of Nasa's Operation IceBridge Flights Is Beautifully Epic (VIDEO)

Chances are you've never been to the Arctic much less still that you've flown across it's entirety at an exhilarating yet worryingly low altitude.

Luckily for the less polar-inclined of us, Nasa have released this beautiful video of one of their planes cruising across the icecaps.

As well as photographing Earth from Saturn and sending incredible robots to Mars, the space agency do a lot work down here on terra-firma.

A glacier between mountains on Greenland's Geikie Peninsula

This video is part of Operation IceBridge, the largest survey of polar ice ever flown.

It will last six years in total and give scientists an unprecedented 3D view of both the Arctic and Antarctic providing important information on climate change.

The project also provides three lucky teachers - one each from the United States, Greenland and Denmark - the opportunity to visit the polar regions so they can impart their knowledge to the next generation.