22/08/2013 06:30 BST | Updated 22/08/2013 07:26 BST

GCSE Results Day: Six Sets Of Twins At St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School Get 44 A*s, 44 As

Six sets of twins are celebrating after notching up 43 A* and 44 A-grade GCSEs between them - and they all go to the same school.

The talented siblings attend the Christian St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School in Bristol, where results have increased by ^% - a contrast to GCSE grades slipping nationwide.

L-R: Minnie and Tallulah Crawley, Florence and Dorothy Hislop, George and Sam Price and Marcus and Charlotte Hook, open their GCSE results at St Mary Redcliffe and Temple in Bristol.

George and Sam Price, 16, from Bedminster, both have Asperger's Syndrome and clocked up six A*, four As, six Bs and three Cs between them.

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Both boys scored three A* grades. George also had three As, two Bs and two Cs. Sam achieved an A, four Bs, one C and one E in addition to his A*s. George said: "It was such a surprise for us. I didn't think I would have done so well but I'm very happy.

"We had to do a lot of studying."

The boys will both study maths and science.

Charlotte Hook and twin brother Marcus, 16, were flying high with eight A*, 10 As, one B and one C between them.

Charlotte, from Southmead, who achieved two A*s, six As, a B and a C, said: "I was a bit worried because I knew I wouldn't do as well as Marcus so it was just how much worse my results would be.

"But I'm really pleased with what I achieved."

Marcus gained six A* and four A grades. He said: "I feel very happy, its so nice that we've both done so well. It is a huge relief."

Charlotte will study business, economics, psychology, biology and maths, while Marcus is taking up chemistry, biology, maths and history.

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Dorothy and Florence Hislop, 16, from Bishopston in the city, scored 13 A*, six As and one B between them.

Dorothy, who gained seven A*s, two As and one B, said: "We were so nervous, everyone kept saying the grades were slipping, so today was a surprise.

"I am really happy with my results."

She will now study history, geography, classics and maths, while Florence is taking geography, biology, classics and psychology.

Florence, with six A*s and four As, said: "I'm really surprised with my A in maths, I wasn't expecting it because the exam was difficult.

"We are all off to a big party tonight to celebrate, we can't wait.

"The results have been a big boost ahead of A-levels but we don't want to get too cocky, there's a lot of work to come."

Singers Minnie and Tallulah Crawley, 16, showed their talents off the stage by collecting two A*,10 As, seven Bs and one C grade between them.

The girls, from Hewish, north Somerset, often take leading roles in the school's musical productions.

Last year, the girls shared the part of Penny in the school's production of Hairspray.

Minnie has one A*, five As and four Bs, while Tallulah scored one A*, five As, three Bs and one C.

Minnie, who will study RE, drama, film studies and sociology, said: "The exams were not easy but they were less stressful than the revision.

"It is funny that we are twins and our results are pretty much the same."

Tallulah said: "Our grades have always been similar but in different subjects.

"I have always been better at science while she has been better at maths."

Charlotte and Jonathan Penn, from Henleaze, gained eight A*, five A, six B and one C grade between them.

Charlotte achieved five A*s, one A, three Bs and one C, while her brother has three A*s, four As and three Bs.

David and Jennifer House, 16, scored six A*s, nine As and five Cs between them.