Apprentice Of The Week: Amanda Dorsett, Media Workshop Assistant At Resource Productions

Introducing this week’s apprentice..

Name: Amanda Dorsett

Age: 19

Job Title: Workshop and Administrative Assistant

Company: Resource Productions

Learning Provider: DIVA

Type Of Apprenticeship: Higher Apprenticeship – Level 3 Creative and Digital Media

What's a typical day like for you?

I start at 9am and from there it’s non-stop! There aren’t the same tasks day in day out but I regularly check emails, answer phone calls and update the companies’ social media. One day I could be attending a networking event, the next day I could be working with 58 young people on a video filming project, this entirely depends on what projects we have going on.

I have also been tasked with managing our work experience programme here at Resource Productions; this involves supervising all our work experience students ensuring they receive a positive experience of a working environment.

What has been the most memorable day of your apprenticeship so far?

Being a team leader on two residential experiences, each lasting a week with around 60 young people. This was memorable as I was leading a small team and had to ensure that they all gained the experiences that they should get out of the programme. This was an insight into the workshop side of the organisation and I learnt about myself as a person as well as guiding the young people through this experience.

What are the best things about being an apprentice?

My employer Resource Productions is very supportive in helping me gain the relevant experience and skills that will assist me in the future. For example, I have had experience from being a production assistant on a film shoot to helping manage and lead workshops with young people.

This has helped me gain experience within a variety of settings. I now appreciate and understand the work that goes into filming and the importance of team work especially behind the scenes. I have also learned the importance of preparation especially when delivering workshops to a group of young people therefore helping me in my career.

What are the best things about working in the industry you work in?

I currently work within the film/TV industry. I enjoy working within this industry as it is very creative and there is also a variety of work, especially within the production stage. This has helped me understand the technical aspect of filmmaking and also the administrative side (contracts, risk assessments, budgeting etc).

I have also had the opportunity to visit Pinewood Studios where I have met and worked with some of their employees. My role, although office based, provides opportunities to work within a variety of settings where I get to meet new people and visit new places. This has shown me how fun and exciting this industry is and also how creativity in the work place can bring a lot of job satisfaction.

What's the most surprising thing you've learnt during your apprenticeship?

I’ve learnt a lot during this Apprenticeship, but the most surprising thing would be is how I have budgeted myself throughout this year. Before this apprenticeship I was at school and had two part-time jobs, which helped me gain money but now that I’m older I have more things to run such as a car. This job has really made me think about how to manage my money and how I have learnt to spread the costs throughout each month.

I have also surprisingly learnt more about the marketing of a small business. I always thought that it would be easy for companies to advertise and get people to come along to workshops but it's surprisingly very hard. You have to work out your tone; how you describe the workshop etc otherwise you would not get anyone to turn up at all. There is also documents online which talk you through this procedure as well as what specific days would be ideal to market products. This was all very new to me, who said marketing was easy eh!?!

What would you say to someone thinking about applying for an apprenticeship?

Go for it! This has been the best experience of my life! I have gained so much experience as well as gaining a qualification. This apprenticeship has helped me network and gain new contacts for my future. Being an apprentice also allows you to pick up and develop so many different skills as you are an employee but also a learner and employers are keen to develop you within your role.

What do you think are the biggest myths about apprenticeships?

That people who do apprenticeships failed their grades so they couldn’t get into university so chose to do an apprenticeship instead. Another myth is that you will not get a well-paid job in the future by doing an apprenticeship. Whilst doing my apprenticeship I found out that some of the highest paid workers in big companies actually started out as apprentices.

What do you expect to be doing in 10 years time?

I would ideally like to still be in the administrative side of the creative media sector. I would liketo become a higher member of a company such as a manager or senior manager within the same industry. I would also like to have gained some experience within the other industries under the creative media sector such as photography and music, this would help me have a greater understanding of where my interests lie and what my strengths and weaknesses are. Within 10 years’ time I would also like to be working towards a degree or Higher Apprenticeship, which would help me gain the qualifications to help me establish a career within this sector.

Why an apprenticeship rather than university?

I personally chose an apprenticeship over university as I wanted to gain experience rather than studying for another qualification. I wanted to see what it was like in the industry before I decided on whether I wanted to gain a university degree within the same industry.

What advice would you give someone leaving school or college now?

I would advise anyone leaving school to look into the various career opportunities that are out there. Once you know what industry may interest you, research into the different career paths within it. If there are apprenticeship opportunities I would highly recommend these. This is simply for the fact that you can learn whilst you earn and help you get the first step to your career.

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