GCSEs, Ben Affleck, David Cameron's Back And More: Funny Tweets Of The Week

The Week In Funny Tweets

Ben Affleck IS Batman. David Cameron IS injured. AND a fan of shooting. AND on holiday.

Yes, it's all been happening this week... unless you're David Cameron on holiday. Pupils got their GCSE results, Bradley Manning got sentenced to 35 years in prison and The Guardian got its hard drives smashed up (or at least released the story that it had).

In other news, 'The Great British Bake Off' returned, the great Arsène Wenger spent no money, and The Most Important Event In History Of The World Ever took place in Leicester Square: namely, the premiere of Morgan Spurlock's latest documentary, 'This Is Us'.

And this is them. The topical tweets that made us laugh this week, that is. And if you're after even more batlaughs, head over to our devoted round-up of Affleck/Batman Twitter funnies.


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