04/09/2013 02:37 BST | Updated 03/11/2013 05:12 GMT

Varibike: Cycle WIth Your Arms, Thanks To This New And Terrifying Exercise Machine

A German inventor has combined a bike with a rowing machine to create something new and terrifying to make you miserable, and more healthy.

The Varibike is essentially a bike you can also power with your arms. It was built by Martin Kraiss from Ulm in Germany, who attached a set of 'pedals' that can be pumped with the arms to turn a cycle into a full body workout. It is available for £4,000.

In a report on the Daily Mail the inventors say the objective was to build a vehicle that was more efficient - and faster - than a bike:

"It is quick, environmentally-friendly and equally satisfying to body and soul. The intuitive inclination steering makes for incredible fun. This allows you to master fast and winding descents, as well as woodland and field tracks. You can therefore enjoy your favourite routes with ease, while at the same time exercising your whole body.

Once you have ridden the Varibike you will never bother getting your old bicycle out of the garage again."

Take a look at how it works, below.

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