Justin Bieber Attempts To Grow A Moustache. Fails. Shaves It Off. (PICS)

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Miley Cyrus isn't the only former teen star who is desperate to prove that they're all grown up at the moment - Justin Bieber's at it too.

But rather than twerking against someone old enough to know better in a flesh flashing outfit (although he did come close when he stripped naked to perform a ditty for his poor old gran recently), Justin has opted for a more traditional route to prove that yes, he has actually reached puberty.

I give you the Bieber tache.

OK, you could be forgiven for thinking that he'd just got a bit too close to Amy Childs and ended up wearing a set of her fake eyelashes on his upper lip but at least he's trying.

REALLY trying.

But alas, it seems 19-year-old Biebs has already got fed up with being ridiculed tired of his new facial fuzz and has decided to pluck shave it off.

Bah, what a spoil sport. Let's just hope this was a dry run ahead of this year's Movember. I'm crossing everything for a full-on Sean Connery type affair decorating that famous face at the very least.

Beat that, Miley. No, seriously, I dare you.

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