York University Students Forced Off Campus After Accommodation Shortage

The Central Hall on the main campus at the University of York.
The Central Hall on the main campus at the University of York.

Hundreds of students have been forced off campus after their university accepted too many undergraduates, without being able to provide them with on-site accommodation.

York University first-years were left alienated from fellow freshers and struggling to stump up the cash for private housing after being told there was no room in the university's student housing on campus.

One first-year student told the university paper Nouse: "I don’t know where I’m living. I was told I’d know 6 September latest and I still haven’t been offered any accommodation. It’s just constant delays after delays.”

“You know how expensive [private resident hall] Boulevard is. Being pocketed in Boulevard isn't exactly ideal – I know I wouldn’t be able to afford it. In which case, what can you do? Nothing."

The private halls cost up to £153.23 per week whereas other student accommodation costs as little as £79.24 per week.

An update posted on the university's accommodation services blog read: "We completely understand people’s concerns - we know it can be stressful thinking about where you are going to live and preparing for University life – do continue to contact us if you have any questions or ongoing issues.

"The reason why it's taking us longer than usual is because we’ve had a much higher intake of students this year – which is of course really positive for students who have been successful in getting a place on a course here, but it also means that there are simply not enough rooms on campus to go around."

York University's Student Union president, Kallum Taylor, told student paper York Vision the situation "is the university’s fault".

YUSU officer George Offer added: "This situation is far from ideal, puts a extra strain on the colleges and JCRCs involved who work very hard to build their communities, tough enough when they all live in one place.

"However given the situation as it is YUSU and the JCRCs are working hard for these students and come freshers week they’ll be fully involved in college life. Once all these students has been placed all they will be receiving free bus passes from the University."

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