Miliband V The Daily Mail: Twitter Bites Back


Labour leader Ed Miliband is locked in a heated row with the Daily Mail over an article on his Marxist academic father headlined "the man who hated Britain".

He says the story about the late Ralph Miliband's political beliefs was a "character assassination" and "smear".

The Daily Mail has refused to apologise, printing a lengthy editorial of its own next to the piece in Tuesday's paper, entitled "An evil legacy and why we won't apologise."

The paper called Miliband's response "tetchy and menacing", adding that "Red Ed's in a strop with the Mail".

But a simple search on Twitter for 'The Daily Mail' has shown public opinion is not in favour of the Mail's defence.

In fact, at the time of writing, The Huffington Post UK failed to find a single tweet in defence of the Mail's editorial angle.

At the same time this image has rapidly been making the rounds on social media sites, in reference to the Mail's history:

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