04/10/2013 14:47 BST | Updated 04/10/2013 18:03 BST

Ukip's Nigel Farage To Contest Thanet Seat In 2015 Election

In what promises to be one of the most interesting subplots of the 2015 general election, Nigel Farage is being touted to contest one of the seats in South Thanet near to the seaside town of Margate, according to the Financial Times.

nigel farage

Farage could be heading to the seaside in his bid to become an MP

The MEP and leader of Ukip is likely to take on Tory candidate Laura Sandys, who won the seat in 2010 and is know for her pro-European views. In Response to the threat, Sandys told the newspaper: "Bring it on."

Speaking to the FT, a friend of Farage said: "You can see the attraction of taking on Laura Sandys, she is an out-and-proud pro-European Tory."

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It is an area of the Kent coast Farage knows well, having unsuccessfully contested a Thanet seat back in 2005. However, Ukip has dramatically increased in popularity in recent years, winning seven seats in the local election earlier in May at the expense of the Tories.

Reported by the Telegraph, a Ukip spokesperson said: "Knowing that he comes from Kent and we are strong in a few areas in Kent is is not an unintelligent guess. However no decision has been taken yet."

It’s a switch Ukip will be hoping to carry on in the national vote, with the party currently polling around 11% - a popularity that has led some on the Tory right to moot a pact with Ukip, most noticeably Jacob Rees-Mogg, who even suggested giving up some Tory seats to their rivals.