Priceless Banksy Artwork Sold On Street Stall In New York -For Just £38

This Stall Was Selling REAL Banksy Prints

Banksy rip-offs are ten a-penny, so browsers at an art stall could have been forgiven for thinking the spray painted images sold by an anonymous middle-aged gents were lousy rip-offs.

But one man who did pick up four of the pieces from a Central Park stall in New York, could find they are worth more than £120,000. He paid around £38 each ($60) for them, saying he was decorating his new place in Chicago.

The works were authentic, spray-painted by the elusive graffiti artist himself. All the sales, and they were few, were captured on video and posted on the artist's website.

The stall in Central Park, New York

Thousands of New Yorkers and tourists walked past the stall, barely glancing at it. Pieces on offer included the famous "Flower Thrower"and "Laugh Now".

In 2008, a similar set of three of those prints, spray painted on a white canvass, sold for £121,250 at auction in London.

"Please note: This was a one off," Banksy wrote on his website. "The stall will not be there again today".


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