Beauty And Deceit: Woman's Amazing Make-Up Transformation Divides The Internet

Before and after photographs of a mystery woman have sparked an online debate... about make-up.

But while women everywhere may bow down to the cosmetic Gods - personally, I give eternal thanks for being able to fill in my non-existent eyebrows - Reddit users have accused make-up of being "deceitful".

Their argument? Make-up tricks people into thinking a woman (or man) is better looking than they actually are.

"I think it is deceitful, men go for looks, and for most looks are an important aspect of your potential partner," says user RG150. "It's actually difficult in identifying those two pictures as the same person! It's not just a slight difference, it's massive. Women who plaster themselves with makeup are only putting themselves under pressure to keep hiding their true selves."

Others have said that women should be able to wear make-up if they want to.

User SJ3 said: "To me it's like putting clothes on that suit my shape. I put my makeup on to enhance my features and because I love makeup. I don't think it makes you any less of a woman if you wear makeup. If you don't like it, lump it."

The to-wear-or-not-to-wear-make-up debate is divisive to say the least.

When we asked our readers whether they'd go barefaced, we got a range of replies.

"Love yourself not the makeup," says Iris Allen, whose only face product is moisturiser. "Hiding behind make up just isn't for me."

"My sixties' cats-eyes have seen me through 35 years," says Lynne Sims. "The minute I trace on eyeliner I am on duty for the day. Lips a must."

Karo Davies says: "Putting on make up is just like putting on clothes. It is part of getting ready. Just as I as choose clothes to flatter my figure, I choose make up to highlight my best features."

We asked ten of our nearest and dearest colleagues to tell us the occasions they'd happily go make-up free. While all were happy to pop out to the shop without make-up, the numbers plummeted at the thought of going bare-faced elsewhere.

Just 50% would go into work without make-up (and half of those would only do it if they had no other choice or were nursing a hangover).

While 20% would happily meet friends in a coffee shop or pub without any slap on, no one would go on a date or a night out without their face on.