Every Country In The World Is Really Good At Something (INFOGRAPHIC)

This Incredible Infographic Shows How Everyone Is Good At Something

Which country in the world has the most deaths by lawnmower? The longest marriages? The most shark attacks?

This amazing infographic is the brainchild of designers at Doghouse Diaries.

Every country is best at something. Here, in the UK, we've got the most number of fascist groups in the world. A dubious honour, but probably because our fascist groups tend to be very small, short-lived, and fall out with each other so much and splinter into other, even smaller groups. Rather than, y'know, gain power.

This incredible map was designed by Rafaan Anvari, William Samari and Ray Yamartino.

"We have a diverse audience from all different countries, so we thought it would be interesting to make something that everyone could relate to,' Anvari told HuffPostUK.

"Plus, maps are a visual medium so it made perfect sense. At first, we considered making a map that showed the most popular baby names for each country.

"That was interesting, but not particularly humorous. Anyway, we bounced ideas around until we came up with what you see. It took a long time to find labels for some countries, especially because we were trying to be sensitive to social, economic, or cultural issues."

Anvari admits the date is "not perfect, but people have sent us updated sources, and we've made corrections as necessary". The team have posted the full links to the sources for the data here.


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