Colombian Student, 20, Who Survived Being Stabbed 95 Times Is Found Dismembered In A River

Student Who Survived 95 Stab Wounds Found Dismembered In River

A 20-year-old woman who miraculously survived an attack in which she was stabbed 95 times has been found dismembered in a Colombian river.

Diana Ximena Castañeda Lozano's remains were found in a sack in the Cauca River, in Valle del Cauca, El Pais reported.

Lozan, a student, had spent three months in hospital following the frenzied attack in March, which occurred after she agreed to meet two young men, (later identified by her as Santiago and Camilo) whom she had encountered on a social networking site.

Diana Ximena Castañeda Lozano's dismembered remains were found in a sack in Friday

She filed a complaint, identifying her alleged attackers and an attempted murder probe was opened.

El Colombiano reports a statement from her account of the attack: "They began pulling my hair and within minutes I was attacked. Santiago covered my mouth and began to cut my throat, Camilo started stabbing my chest, belly and hands... and they thought I was dead."

Still in recovery, Lozana, who was last spotted outside hospital, went missing on 8 September.

One of the alleged attackers, Santiago Alexander Betancourth Piedrahita, was arrested on 26 September and is being held at Ansermanuevo prison.

Lozana’s mother, Maria Idalba Castañeda, believes that it was Piedrahita and ‘Camilo’ who returned for her daughter and murdered her. She told Colombia Reports: “Why, if my daughter denounced them, were they not captured right then and there?”

“The justice department did nothing, those guys walked around town without anyone doing anything to make them answer for what they did to my daughter."


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