Though researchers have suggested the drug lord's animals may be restoring the local ecosystem, they are still considered an invasive species.
It means people arriving in England from abroad will no longer have to quarantine in hotels.
More than 80 hippos in Colombia are the first non-human creatures to be legally considered people by a US court.
My parents successfully passed me off as a dark-skinned Italian for 19 years of my life.
With healthcare services in Venezuela decimated by the economic and political crisis, Venezuelan women needing medical assistance, including pre and post-natal care, are heading to neighbouring Colombia. According to Save the Children, which runs a sexual and reproductive health clinic in the border town of Maicao, inflation has driven prices of condoms and the contraceptive pill to the equivalent of around a quarter of the monthly salary on minimum wage.
People in Colombia painted the town of Sutamarchan red at the weekend by taking part in a giant tomato-throwing festival. The traditional “Tomatina” celebrates the end of harvest, and is marked by hundreds of locals and tourists pelting each other with tomatoes.
As England face Colombia in the second round of the World Cup, HuffPost UK asked the people of Birmingham: is football coming home? [Vertical]