Pope Expels 'Bishop Of Bling' Over £26m Spending Scandal

The £26m 'Bishop Of Bling' Is Out On His Ear

The Bishop of Limburg Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst was summoned to the Vatican last week to answer for his excesses.

According to the Associated Press, the Vatican did not say if Bishop Tebartz-van Elst will permanently leave the diocese of Limburg, though it said his newly-named vicar general, Monsignor Wolfgang Roesch, would administer during his "period of time away".

Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst spent £26million on refurbishing his new residential complex

In a statement, the Vatican said the situation in the diocese had become such that Tebartz-van Elst "could no longer exercise his episcopal ministry."

Tebartz-van Elst travelled to Rome last Sunday, pointedly on a Ryanair flight.

There, he met the head of the Catholic Church in Germany, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, who set up a commission to investigate the finances of the Limburg diocese.

According to Bild, the Bishop's spends included:

  • £12,000 bathtub
  • £1.8million marble courtyard with fountains running with holy water
  • £622,000 sculpted gardens (not accessible to the public)
  • £20,500 dining table
  • £294,000 built-in closets
  • £2.2million new chapel
  • £900,000 sleeping quarters for visiting clergy

The residence also has a wine cellar, gilded door handles, a sauna, a fireplace and specially commissioned religious statues. Of the entire sum, the 53-year-old is believed to have spent £2.4million on his private quarters.

Pope Francis himself has followed a modest lifestyle and encouraged other church leaders to do the same.

Tebartz-van Elst told Bild: "I understand that the high cost of €31million (£26million) sounds frightening. Those who know me know that I don't have a pompous lifestyle."

Germany's 24 million registered Catholics make a compulsory contribution to the Church via their income tax.

One man told the channel: "It's catastrophic what the bishop has done. He needs to be deposed for wasting our money like that."

"What the man has done is not good. He needs to be punished for that. You cannot do that with other people's money, you cannot beg for money all the time and then build a place like that," added another.

In a press conference last Thursday reported by the Independent, Archbishop Zollitsch, admitted: "I am as surprised as you are [by the costs]. I am sure that the bishop is dealing with this thoroughly and with the necessary self-criticism. Next week, I will speak to the Holy Father in Rome about it,"

A statement issued by the Limburg diocese on Saturday said: "The bishop has made it clear that any decision about his service as a bishop lies in the hands of the Holy Father (Pope Francis)."

"The bishop is saddened by the escalation of the current discussion. He sees and regrets that many believers are suffering under the current situation," it added.

The bishop is also mired in legal proceedings after he filed a civil court claim against Der Spiegel magazine for reporting he flew first class on a trip to India to visit poor children.

The magazine issued a retraction but then launched its own suit after publishing a mobile phone video of an interview in which the Bishop states he flew business class.

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