The Future Of Working Out? Take A Look At The Gym Equipment Of Tomorrow

The Future Of Working Out? Take A Look At The Gym Equipment Of Tomorrow

If you're a fan of trying the latest fitness craze - first in the queue when Zumba came to town and contorting your body into all manner of postures at Bikram yoga - we've got just the thing for you.

Media Works and Best Gym Equipment have looked into their Magic 8 ball to see what gyms of the future might look like.

From robot sparring partners to a futuristic spin class, these could be coming to a gym near you.

Robot Sparring Partner

Whether you take part in combat sports to keep fit or because you fight competitively, it is often difficult to find a sparring partner that will work out at the same time as you.

But who needs a real-life partner - with their busy schedules and unreliability - when you can have a robot? After all, they are great time-keepers (it's not like they have anything else to do).

The only minor issue is the risk that said robot could malfunction, overpower you and try to take over the world. Hmm.

Hyperbolic Gravity Room

Attaching weights to wrists, ankles or even clothing is a form of resistance training that aids muscle growth and weight loss.

Of course, adding extra weights to different parts of the body runs risk of injury - not least because weight isn't distributed evenly.

So let's forget the weights for a second, how about we play around with gravity?

The Hyperbolic Gravity Room would increase gravity’s downward force as opposed to increasing the mass of the person. This way, the force would be applied evenly to the entire body. Simples.

Anti-Gravity Room

Apart from getting naked, chopping off a body part or heading to the loo for a massive numero deux, it is nigh-on impossible to lower your body mass for a specific workout. So - just as was suggested above - we need to fiddle with gravity, but this time lessening its pull.

This could allow people to exercise their cardiovascular system with almost no impact to joints, tendons and muscles.

This isn't a far-off concept. The Anti-Gravity Treadmill already exists and works by controlling air pressure to lift the user ever-so-slightly. It can simulate an experience where the user only weighs 20% of their normal weight. (We'd quite like a portable one to make us lighter all the time...)

The Futuristic Spinning Class

Spinning classes are seriously intense. But, brace yourselves, in the future they could be even harder than they are now.

In the future, the ideal spinning class would have a much more dynamic stationary bicycle - one that tilts forwards and backwards, as well as side-to-side. This added movement would work the riders’ cores as they bend and lean to compensate with the bicycle.

Equilibrium Gym Suit

The future will have Equilibrium Suits that will not only measure body fat, BMI, weight, temperature and lactic acid (built-up due to anaerobic respiration during a workout) but help balance them where possible.

When the body is too warm, the suit cools to prevent perspiration and make the experience more enjoyable. When the person is past their aerobic limit and they are producing lactic acid, the suit’s mask would produce more oxygen-rich air in order to help clear the lactic acid in the muscles. This would allow us to exercise for much longer and would be ideal for any marathon or fitness enthusiast looking to get as fit as possible as quickly as possible.

Understanding our bodies is a key aspect to fitness and muscle growth – it also lets us get a better idea of how we are improving.

Simulation Training Suite

This is where we truly enter the world of sci-fi. The simulation suite would be a genuinely immersive experience where our eyes, ears and nose are all deceived into believing we are in a real environment - which could make us train harder.

Imagine how much faster you'd run if you genuinely thought you were being chased by zombies...