How To Get Rid Of Double Chins: Scientists Develop Solution (That Doesn't Involve Dieting Or Plastic Surgery)

You can temporarily hide your double chin with clever posing in photographs, roll neck jumpers and scarves - but if you want to banish unsightly rolls for good, you may need to turn to more drastic measures.

Dieting and liposuction have paved the way to slender necks in the past, but now scientists have developed another method.

The treatment - which may be cheaper, easier and more effective that other surgical methods such as liposuction- involves injecting a chemical (ATX-101) to remove the fatty deposits.

“This research is a very exciting step towards a safe and non-surgical solution to removing unwanted chin fat," says Matt Gass, of the British Association of Dermatologists. "For people experiencing negative psychological effects of this unwanted fat on their appearance, this procedure, if approved, may open up the option of minimally invasive treatment with proven efficacy.”

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Professor Berthold Rzany, the lead author, said in a statement: “This study demonstrates that subcutaneous injections with ATX-101 yield a clinically meaningful and statistically significant reduction in unwanted submental fat, decrease the psychological impact on patients, and are well tolerated.”

Researchers have trialled the treatment with almost 400 people and results will be published in British Journal of Dermatology.