Old Bailey Evacuated After 'Package' Found In Court Room Of Mosque Bomber Pavlo Lapshyn

London's Old Bailey was evacuated on Friday afternoon, after suspicious item was allegedly found by police in the courtroom where self-confessed racist Pavlo Lapshyn was set to be sentenced for murder of Muslim pensioner.

A mass evacuation has taken place at the Old Bailey

The cordon was lifted shortly after the scare took place

After a short police investigation, the court was reopened and those evacuated allowed back inside.

The Ukrainian post grad student is facing a life sentence for the murder of pensioner Mohammed Saleem.

Anti-terrorism officers, accompanied by sniffer dogs, gave the building the all-clear, and the cordon was lifted.

Lapshyn admitted causing an explosion in July near the Kanzal Iman mosque, and engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts between April and July.

City of London police said in a statement: "At about 1pm today the Old Bailey was partially evacuated after a suspect package was found and road closures were put in place.

"The situation has been resolved and people have now been allowed back in to court. The package was found to be not suspicious. All road closures have now been lifted.

"No one has been detained in relation to this incident."