Piers Morgan And Jeremy Clarkson In Epic Twitter Spat

Morgan V Clarkson: Who Won Their Epic Twitter Spat?

The world before 2006 must have been painfully dull.

Before public spats were publicly played out on Twitter what did we do for entertainment?

The latest example of this superb time-killing pastime is between arch-foes Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan.

Perhaps sparked by a column in which Morgan mocks Clarkson's lack of A-list friends, the Top Gear presenter tweeted this...

To which Morgan responded thusly...

And soon a fantastic, expletive laden insult-fest ensued.

Here it is in full.

At this point we were going to declare Clarkson the winner simply simply for being more concise and appearing to stay calmer.

But then the next morning Morgan tweeted this...

UPDATE: It has since become apparent Mr Morgan cheekily pinched this picture from another Twitter user so we're calling this one for Clarkson...


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