Halloween Cancer Charity Fundraiser Deemed 'Too Scary' Doubles Donations (PICTURES)

A cancer charity fundraiser who was ordered by police to tone down his Halloween decorations amid complaints they were making children cry, has seen his cash donations double.

James Creighton has been rolling out the Texas Chainsaw Massacre-themed showcase since losing his grandmother Betty to the disease three years ago.

Last year he collected £1,100 through public donations for Cancer Research UK.

James Creighton has been using his Halloween decorations to raise funds for Cancer Research UK for three years

But following publicity amid accusations his display of disembowelled corpses and skeletons were terrifying local children, he has raised £2,200 and expects to make £3,000 by the end of the week.

After conferring with the charity he had agreed to move the corpse “around the corner so it was mostly out of sight” but plans to unveil it in all its macabre glory again on Halloween night.

A Cancer Research UK spokesman confirmed: "We only ever encourage fundraising activities which have a positive impact in the local community. We took appropriate action to ensure the supporter complied with requests made by the police."

As for next year, Creighton has already begun planning. "I'm going to build a walkway to the back, a bit like a ghost walk, and I'm going to put up warning signs. Lots of warning signs," he said.

Following complaints the decorations were making children cry, donations are set to triple

He explained: "I've always loved Halloween and decorating the house was something that my nan and mum did for me when I was younger.

"So now I'm carrying it on in my nan's memory and just trying to do my best for her and the charity - it's an excellent cause."

To make a donation to Creighton, visit his house or log on here.

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