China Competes With North Korea In The Crap Photoshop Stakes (PICTURE)

China Vs North Korea: Who Is Crappest At Photoshop?

China appears to competing with North Korea in the crap Photoshop stakes, if this official snap is anything to go by.

Featuring four officials looming ominously over a miniature elderly lady, this is right up there with North Korea's majestic balls-ups of Kim Jong Un floating weirdly above the ground at a children's hospital and the frankly bizarre hovercraft incident (see below).

This particular snap was meant to show the deputy mayor of Ningguo, in Anhui province, meeting elderly residents. You sort of get the gist but someone went a bit crazy with the resizing tool. And the chap on the right is melting through the iron bars.

Them: Hello little lady. Little lady: Erm.

This North Korean effort sees Kim Jong Un hovering above the ground

And this one is just frankly weird

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