Halloween Severed Hands Prank By Norwegian Store Terrifies Kids And Forces Apology

There's getting into the Halloween spirit and then there's this.

A Norwegian cut-price discount store has been forced to apologise to children and their families for selling gruesomely realistic severed hands in its meat aisle.

Local TV covered the story after furious parents complained about terrified youngsters and now bargain store Europris has been forced to withdraw the range of fake, shrink-wrapped body parts.


Company spokesman Knut Spaeren said: "We also didn't want to cause any upset, especially not to children, and we are withdrawing the range with immediate effect."

But the move failed to lessen a storm of protest over Facebook and other social media platforms.

Facebook user Mona Urfjell wrote: "I think it's such a shame that we have an American tradition so violently forced down our throats."

And another Gudveig Olsen wrote: "It's absolutely terrible and it should not be allowed."

And user Ivar Larsen added: "Do we not have enough violence in the country without these kind of crazy people bringing such things into the shops."