Nazi-Costumed Man Shocks Shoppers In Asda, Cambridge (PICTURES)

Shoppers in Asda in Cambridge were shocked to see a middle-aged man wandering the aisles dressed as a Nazi.

The man, wearing what resembled a black SS uniform complete with cap and red armband, was asked to leave by staff after other customers complained.

The manager of the Beehive Centre store asked him to leave after complaints from other customers.

It's unclear why the man was dressed like this

Police were called to the incident at 2pm yesterday but a spokeswoman said: "By the time we got there he had already left peacefully."

A spokeswoman for Asda said: "We had a number of customer complaints so we asked him to leave the store."

Rosina Rusin, 60, from Milton, told the Cambridge News: "I was waiting in a queue when a lady came up and she was really quite distressed about it.

'I thought it was a Salvation Army person at first'

"People's mouths were falling open. You are not going to come out like that unless you want to draw attention to yourself."

It was unclear whether the incident was a Halloween prank.

Marisa Baker, 38, told the Cambridge News: “We had come from Toys ‘R’ Us and I thought it was a Salvation Army person at first. But then I saw the tattoo on his neck and a swastika on his hand. It’s not what you want to see, especially as there’s children around.”