Prince George Tributes Were 'Stomach-Churning, Fawning And Sycophancy' Blasts Labour Politician

Tributes by MPs to Prince George have been condemned as "stomach-churning" by a Labour politician, sparking outrage from the Tories.

In a blog post titled "Spare us the sycophancy", London Assembly member Tom Copley slammed politicians who devoted "valuable Parliamentary time" to congratulating Prince William and Kate on the birth of their son.

The politician complained that too much time had been taken up to "congratulate two very wealthy aristocrats for procreating."

And he criticised the London Assembly for sending "loyal greetings" to the Queen to mark the future monarch’s christening.

He has since been branded "surly and mean-spirited" by the Tories, who called on Labour leader Ed Miliband to distance himself from the remarks.

David Cameron led tributes in the House of Commons to Prince George on his birth, and last week told the Commons: "I am sure the whole House will join me in celebrating the christening of baby Prince George later today."

He was supported by Mr Miliband who said: "I also join the Prime Minister in celebrating the christening of Prince George later today and send best wishes to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge."

Mr Copley wrote: "Every so often we are subjected to the stomach churning spectacle of Members of Parliament queuing up to offer tribute to the royal family upon some particular event or occasion.

"Only recently they devoted valuable Parliamentary time to debating a motion congratulating the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge upon the birth of Prince George.

"Amidst the crises of the civil war in Syria, the ever growing cost of living and Britain’s economic woes they managed to find an hour or so to congratulate two very wealthy aristocrats for procreating. Politics is the language of priorities, after all."

He said: "Of course we wish William and Kate well, just as we would wish any family well on what is a joyous occasion.

"But I object on principle to singling out an incredibly rich, wealthy and powerful family for the Assembly as a corporate body to send our regards to."

Mr Copley added that four in 10 children in the assembly live in poverty, yet the Assembly chose to congratulate "one of the richest, most powerful and influential families in London on the christening of the child who will one day inherit the office that most modern democracies trust the people to elect."

Conservative Party vice-chairman Bob Neill said Mr Copley’s views were out of touch with the public.

"It’s a pity Tom Copley hasn’t got better things to do with his time than write such surly and mean-spirited drivel on his blog," he told the London Evening Standard.

"On the positive side, this kind of dour killjoy attitude shows why republicanism has never caught on in the UK.

"You couldn’t get someone more out of touch with the public. I wonder whether Ed Miliband will have the guts to disown him?"

But Mr Copley is unrepentant, telling the newspaper: "I’m very clear that I want a democratically elected head of state.

"The royals would carry on as a family and could carry on using their titles if they want. If they want to continue to ride around in gold carriages, that would be fine with me.’

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