Mutant 'Super-Rats' Immune To Poison 'Spread Across Britain'

Forget the false widow spider, or the the Brazilian wandering spider, now it appears we are being invaded by "mutant super rats."

Rats that cannot be killed by regular poisons are spreading across Britain, experts are warning.

They are being helped by humans putting out poisoned food, which gives the freakish new breed a “free meal.”

The creatures, which look like normal rodents but happily munch away on toxic pellets "like feed", have been discovered in Kent, the west country and now in Sussex

The British Pest Control Association’s Richard Moseley told Metro newspaper that the resistant species are taking over the common rat.

"It’s only natural that their numbers are expanding," he said.

Now, the creatures are being found further afield than previously anticipated, he warned.

There are an estimated 10.5million rats in Britain and they breed rapidly.

Dr Dougie Clarke, of the University of Huddersfield, told The Daily Star: “Poisons such as the ones you buy in B&Q are not effective against them, nor are those used by pest control experts."

It is even feared pets could die if they get bitten by th rats, due to the build-up of poisons in their bodies, the newspaper reported.

The sightings of the mutated strains has now sparked calls for the Health & Safety Executive to sanction more powerful poisons to stop them breeding, The Mirror reported.