Woman With Fear Of Vegetables Eats Nothing But Junk Food For 16 Years, But Weighs Just Nine Stone

When it comes to eating, Faye Campbell will always choose McDonalds over any homemade meal.

The fussy eater has only eaten junk food for the past 16 years and she’s never touched a green vegetable or piece of fruit.

Incredibly, the 21-year-old has even managed to stay a trim nine stone 12 pounds despite her diet of cheeseburgers, pizza and chips.

Faye, who lives in Stowmarket, Suffolk, said: “The thought of eating vegetables or any sort of fruit just makes me feel physically sick.

"Even putting them near my mouth terrifies me."

Faye’s diet consists of toast for breakfast, a large pizza from Dominos for lunch and cheeseburgers for dinner.

She eats potatoes - if they’re served as chips or waffles – and she can handle fruit – if it comes in fizzy drink form.

But the very smell of any other vegetable is enough to turn her stomach.

She said: “If mum is cooking a roast dinner with vegetables I have go in to a different room because I can’t stand the smell. Sometimes I have to open all the windows to get rid of it.

"It’s got to the point where I’d be happy to sit in the lounge with a pizza, while they sit in the kitchen with their roast-it has become a normal routine for us now.

"My family wish I could sit with them and have a meal together, but I just can’t."

Faye, who works as a carer, has been an extremely picky eater since she was a baby and up to the age of 15 she ate nothing but chips.

She said: “My parents would put something in front of me and the plate would go half way across the room. That would be how bad it was. They’d try and try and try, but it just wouldn’t take it.

“It was really frustrating for them not knowing what was wrong with me but I couldn’t help it - the very thought of biting a piece of fruit or vegetable made me feel ill. If anyone put them near me I would just run away.”

Mum Carolyn, 42, said: "We tried to hide vegetables in her dinner, but she always found out and refused to eat them.

"When walking around the supermarket I would say to Faye that she could pick anything she wanted, but she just wasn’t interested in anything else."

At her wits’ end, Carolyn took Faye to the doctor – who diagnosed a digestive disorder called gastroesophageal reflux.

The condition, which causes chronic indigestion and heartburn, meant Faye was left in real agony after eating.

And although it was possible to cure her of her medical problem, she was left with a phobia of food.

And it is only after seeing a child psychologist that she has started foods like pizza, burgers and cheese.

Faye Campbell Has Never Eaten Fruit Or Vegetables

She said: "I still can’t bring myself to eat a roast dinner or a homemade lasagne.

"It took me a good couple of years to get used to the other foods and I’m still fussy with that.

“There’s just something in my brain that says ‘ugh’ whenever I’m faced with new food and I go in to panic mode.

“As soon as the phobia kicks in I just can’t bring myself to eat – I can’t even think about taking a bite.”

Faye even admits her eating habits are so strange it’s even had an affect on her love life.

Men have tried to woo her with fancy meals out – but their romantic dates always end up in fast-food chains.

Faye said: “Once a guy booked a lovely Italian place but we ended up in McDonalds because I couldn’t face eating anything on the menu.

“I would love to go into a restaurant and eat normally, but in my mind I have this phobia and I have to really get myself together first to be able to do that.”

Incredibly, 5ft 8 Faye has suffered no health problems after more than a decade of gorging on junk food.

And she’s managed to keep an enviable size-ten figure.

Her sister, Lauren, 23, said: “Faye hates going to the gym, so I get a little jealous when she eats all this junk food every day and doesn’t exercise, but still stays super skinny.”

Faye added: “I would like to eat like a normal person, but until I can overcome my phobia of food, then that day won’t happen for a long time."