Eating Disorders

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I’ve never tasted avocado or chicken wings or pickles or yogurt or coffee. In fact, the list of foods I’ve never eaten is far, far longer than the list of those I have.
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I’m free, and that’s worth so much more than being thin ever was.
The presenter spoke candidly on a new podcast, revealing the eating disorder "sort of ruled everything" in her early 20s.
"Young people who have been criticised about the way they look, or those who have experienced trauma or anxiety, may be more at risk."
"People love the way I look in that series, but I was very ill," the actor writes in his new autobiography.
“It takes up all your free time – anorexia is your only friend and the only thing you will trust."
The dinner plates featured portion control circles marked “mom jeans”, “favorite jeans” and “skinny jeans”.