Eating Disorders

"At first I was only supposed to be tracking my blood glucose and not changing my diet — but I began examining everything that went into my mouth, secretly Googling whether foods were 'allowed.'”
People recovering from disordered eating share what actually helps them through big holiday meals.
"We did what parents who love their children, who have resources, do. We sought out experts: behavioural paediatricians, naturopaths, herbalists, allergists."
"I’ve found I can only move forward when I stop struggling in silence and let go of the shame."
"I shrunk back into my body. They couldn’t believe my parents would do that to me. They couldn’t believe I was that bad."
The clip, entitled the Cost Of Beauty, has an important message that needs to be shared.
"Put a smoothie or an unfamiliar brand of mac 'n' cheese in front of her, and she trembles with fear."
We can only assume Chris and Gwyneth were seriously hangry when they were together.
Off-label use of the diabetes medication has been called "an eating disorder in a needle."