Batman Bin Suparman, Singaporean Man With Unlikely Name Jailed For Three Years


He may have one of the more noble names we’ve come across, but 23-year-old Batman Bin Suparman appears to have crossed over to the dark side.

The Singaporean was sentenced to three years in jail on Monday for a variety of charges including theft and heroin consumption.

Court documents obtained by AFP say CCTV video showed Suparman stealing the equivalent of £250 from a shop.

Batman Bin Suparman was sentenced to jail on Monday

He also stole a cash card belonging to his brother (who has the decidedly less jazzy moniker Nurazman), Channel News Asia revealed.

It remains to be seen what the denizens of a Facebook page named Batman Bin Suparman Fan Club – which declares the young man as “unofficially the most famous Singaporean in the world” – will make of the matter.

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