Chinese Man Beats Five Puppies To Death In Front Of Horrified Shoppers

An utter bastard man beat five puppies to death after one nipped him.

This is the face of the Chinese man who grabbed the helpless animals, being sold by an elderly woman in a Chinese marketplace - and killed them one-by-one in front of a crowd of horrified shoppers.

The unidentified man together with the young woman had been looking at the puppies and the wanted to pick one of them up to show her.

But one of the puppies bit him on the finger sending him into a rage when the young girl laughed.

Police meanwhile have said they are unable to do anything because there had been no formal complaint and no evidence because the owner of the puppies did not contact them.

But the horrific pictures were posted online anyway in the hope that the monster could be identified and at least his family and friends would be aware of the sort of person he is.

The pictures have now been widespread circulated throughout China - although so far the man has not been identified.


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The snaps were taken by another market visitor in the city of Jinan in Shandong province in the north of China who started filming when she saw the man shouting at the old woman and demanding compensation for his injury.

She wrote: "When the old woman said she didn't have any money to pay him he announced that they were dangerous beasts and he was going to make sure they didn't bite anyone else, and he then grabbed them one by one and bashed them on the ground to kill them.

"The woman he was with was begging him not to lose his temper and to calm down but he didn't care. The old woman was also horrified that she could hardly do anything to stop him. And everyone else just stood there."