12/11/2013 04:52 GMT | Updated 12/11/2013 04:57 GMT

Chris Huhne: My Bum Is 'Slightly Perter' Than Ann Widdecombe's

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne announces his resignation outside his London home after it was announced he is to face criminal charges in connection with allegedly dodging a speeding offence.

Chris Huhne, who has set about rehabilitating his public image following a spell behind bars, has insisted he has no plans to try and return to the front line of politics.

The former Lib Dem energy minister also told ITV's The Agenda on Monday evening he would try and be more "dignified" than to take part in celebrity shows such as 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

"'Strictly' would never want me on, I think other people's feet would be too much a victim," he said. "I think that goes for some of the other obvious offers as well."

However Huhne did, rather disturbingly, claim his behind was "slightly perter than Ann Widdecombe's". The former Conservative minister appeared on the BBC's dancing programme after leaving parliament.

"I did think that was an ill-advised appearance on her part," he said. "There are definitely more dignified ways of leaving politics."

Huhne quit the cabinet and politics after pleading guilty to perverting the course of justice.

Asked whether he would return to Westminster he insisted: "I have ruled out a return very, very clearly." The former Eastleigh MP also said he had found the transition out of politics easier than some MPs and former ministers had.

"I went into politics rather late, I had done 19 years as a journalist and five years in business," he said. "Before I became a politician actually I had other things to do. I know there is another world out there I am capable of making a living in."