Ukip's Poppy Wreath Sparks Row, Party Accused Of 'Hijacking' Remembrance Day

Ukip has been getting some stick this morning for placing Remembrance wreaths emblazoned with the party logo.

In Lincolnshire, a party chairman apologised for any offence caused, while in Ramsgate a similar tribute was spotted.

And in Devon, this one saw the party accused of "seeking to hijack a national day of remembrance for narrow party political ends.”

Poppy row

It seems Ukip may not be alone in attaching its logo in this way, as this photo posted on Facebook, believed to be of Wroughton, near Swindon, suggests:

Other parties' logos are on display

Hitting back, David Salmon, the Ukip chairman for Plymouth and South West Devon, told the Herald: "I'm boiling and furious that they're trying to score points over something as important as Remembrance Day.”