Rosemary Powell has been fundraising since 1921.
White poppies represent a commitment to peace. Most people will say they want peace, but if we really want it, we must work for it harder than we work for war. So we have no shame in saying that a white poppy demonstrates a belief in campaigning for peace and against war.
My dad was a former soldier who died in 2012. A few years earlier, I remember one of our last outings together. It was a
Refusing to wear a poppy is not to be unpatriotic or disrespectful of the far too many young working class men that our blood-soaked ruling class have used as cannon fodder throughout the nation's history. Refusing to wear a poppy is to refuse to be a pawn in their game.
Wearing a poppy is, for some, a nice gesture. But if it's done mindlessly - poppies handed out on an armband as the players wait in the tunnel, just for show, just so they can be seen to be wearing one without the accompanying donation - it's essentially an empty gesture. As empty as the outrage over the ban.
Let us all wear our poppies with pride and make our act of remembrance a deeply political one so that it becomes an act that reminds of the past so that we have a better future. Let's make sure that the sacrifices made by so many were not futile.
Every year the lead-up to Remembrance Sunday brings with it a renewed debate over the merits of the red poppy. Broadcasters
While lambs' hearts, horsehair and blown glass artillery shells may seem an unlikely combination with which to spark debate around the cultural phenomena of remembrance, these are the materials I've used for my delicate Papaver rhoeas poppy sculptures, currently on show in London.
Over the last few weeks, I have noticed that some of my twitter-loving friends have been posting blogs and articles about something called "poppy facism". What on earth they mean by this frankly ridiculous term I'm not sure...