Russell Brand: David Cameron And George Osborne Are 'Posh W*nkers'

'Filthy, Dirty, Posh W*nker'

He's already made waves with his call for a revolution and confession that he doesn't bother voting.

But Russell Brand has really pushed the boat out this time.

David Cameron and George Osborne should probably avoid watching Friday's Chatty Man show on Channel 4, because this is what Brand told Alan Carr.

"I think if you’re a bit mean and tight, and always cutting benefits and being horrible, it’s because you don’t know how to f*** properly".

He went on: "They’re like snickering little posh people, sort of like w***ing into their sock. I think if your job is to look after the country and you don’t care about the people who need it most, you’re out of order. And you’re a filthy, dirty, posh w***er."

He's not done yet, and has this to say about the privileged upbringing of some of our current rulers: "It’s all right if you go to Eton, and then you’re in the Houses of Parliament – incidentally all those places look the same because the language and the code it these people are meant to be in charge.

Brand is not a fan of David Cameron

"So it’s alright for them to say “oh don’t worry about gay rights, don’t worry about poor people”, because it’s not part of their lives, but it’s part of our lives."

Brand's recent interventions into politics have sparked a fierce debate, and he made a memorable appearance on Newsnight against Jeremy Paxman, who later admitted he too had not voted in the past.

Brand's call to people not to vote and call for a revolution saw fellow comedian Robert Webb urge him to "read some fucking Orwell".

In an interview with The Huffington Post UK's Mehdi Hasan, Brand hit back, pointing to Webb's privileged upbringing and insisting: "I am not going to turn up and vote like an obedient little prisoner."


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