Best Objection To The Iran Deal? 'God Wouldn't Like It' (VIDEO)

In the early hours of Sunday morning, the United States, France, Germany, Britain, China and Russia reached an historic deal with Iran to limit the country’s nuclear program in exchange for a loosening of the crippling sanctions blighting the Iranian economy and its people.

While many celebrated the accord, the first between the Washington and Tehran in 30 years, objections were equally loud, as legitimate concerns – it’s a ruse by Iranian President Rouhani – were aired by politicians and among the pundit class.

Benjamin Netanyahu said that the accord was "historically bad". Republican Senator Bob Corker offered caution, saying: "There's a lot of concern about the deal." Blogger Ben Shapiro went as far as to raise the ghost of Chamberlain appeasing Hitler in 1938, while Ambassador John Bolton forwent all nuance by simply calling the deal “Obama’s abject surrender to Iran”.

Yet for the outright bizarre, perhaps the best objection came from Bryan Fischer, a backwater conservative radio host from the US whose main gripe with the deal was that God wouldn’t like it. That’s right – it was not cool 'upstairs'.

"The main reason that we ought to stand with Israel," Fischer bleated, "is because God does. We, as a Christian nation, ought to stand with Israel because God does."

The floss-haired believer explained that anyone who dishonoured Abraham would be cursed by God. Who are the decedents of Abraham? The Israelis. What had Kerry and Obama done? You get the picture…

Enjoy Mr Fischer’s lettered approach to international politics in the video above…