28/11/2013 07:15 GMT | Updated 28/11/2013 07:24 GMT

Camel Is Turned Away From Chinese McDonald's (PICTURE)

There are many things we’ve seen occur in McDonald’s.

A horse shitting on the floor. A couple celebrating their wedding reception. And a group of schoolchildren being kicked out for ordering £165 of chips.

But we’ve never seen a camel trying to get served.

camel in mcdonalds

A Happy Meal to go please: The camel and its owner pay a visit to a Chinese branch of McDonald's

The bewildered mammal was seen being led along a high street in China, presumably on the hunt for a dose of carbs and a Happy Meal toy.

Sadly, the camel and his apparently homeless owner were turned away.

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They were later spotted trying their luck at a Pizza Hut which also barred them entry - though kind-hearted staff did hand over some cash, the Daily Star claimed.

Hope you got some grub, chaps.

camel at mcdonalds china

On being turned away, the pair made their way to Pizza Hut