London Cyclists Jumping Red Lights Film Is Slammed By Campaigners (PICTURES, VIDEO)

London's taxi drivers have ramped up the war on the capital's roads by releasing a video showing cyclists apparently jumping red lights.

Cabbies secretly filmed cyclists at two busy junctions, uploading the video to the internet and saying the findings showed widespread breaches of the rules of the road by cyclists.

Cycling campaigners hit back, asking why the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association was trying "vilify" cyclists after six were killed on the streets of London - with none believed to have gone through red lights.


Mike Cavenett, of the London Cycling Campaign, told HuffPost UK: "The timing of this video by the LTDA is highly questionable in that they're seeking to vilify cyclists in the wake of six cycling deaths, none of which has been linked to red-light jumping."

He said that about two thirds of cyclist-motorist collisions in London are deemed to be the driver's fault, adding: "It would be more constructive if the LTDA helped put their own house in order, rather than attacking those who are often the victims of bad driving.

"Perhaps the LTDA should be advising its members how to drive more safely around cyclists and pedestrians, rather than helping to perpetuate a culture in which many drivers think everyone on a bicycle is a law-breaker therefore their safety is of no concern."

The hidden cameras were installed at the Hackney Road and Fortress Road junctions by the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association.

It claimed 192 cyclists had run through red lights in just two hours.

Six cyclists have been killed on London's streets in recent weeks

In a message posted with the video, the LTDA wrote: "Various cycle action groups and lobbying groups constantly assure Londoners that cyclists are law abiding. Apparently, it's only a few 'rogue' cyclists who jump red lights and flaunt the rules of the road.

"This theory is in stark contrast to the evidence that most Londoners witness every day. The LTDA decided to test the theory and discover the truth. We set up a hidden camera at busy traffic controlled junctions to record what really happens every day on our roads. What we found shocked us."