Amazing Weight Loss Time-Lapse Of Geek Inspired By Man Of Steel

Total Film's deputy online editor Sam Ashurst managed to go from being a self-proclaimed 'geek' who could "bench around 20. Slices. (Hawaiian)" to a lean, muscled version of himself.

Inspired by the film Man of Steel, he tried Barry's Bootcamp - favoured by the likes of Naomi Campbell and HuffPost's Sarah Dean - having never stepped on a treadmill before. The result isn't exactly Henry Cavill but it's pretty impressive.

Sam at the beginning

The results of his weight loss are AMAZING. He was filmed one second of every day of his transformation, and he went from being 81.6kg with a metabolic age of 49 to 60.3kg with a metabolic age of 22. It took him 25 weeks and although there were some moments of backsliding, Sam managed to take up martial arts and run 12.5mph for 45 seconds which he had never been able to do before.

Halfway through...

Sam blogged about his progress on the Total Film website, writing: "I'm a film geek who watches an average of eight films every weekend, with my main exercise regime being 'throwing popcorn at my face.' But I've always been utterly fascinated with superheroes, and the chance to get as close as I can to the greatest superhero of them all was too good to pass up."

By week six, Sam was going to five Barry's Bootcamp classes a week. By the end of it, he said: "It's really easy to compare yourself negatively to the best people in the gym, and to allow your brain to view your own body as a glass half full (of burgers) - but once I removed the 'self' from self-examination, I was able to see myself as I actually am, which isn't as bad as I thought."

Final day


Nicknamed 'Sam of Steel' he finishes his blog with some inspirational words: 'It's the end of the challenge, but not the end of the journey,' he says. "I'm going to carry on going to Barry's - I'll be in class on Monday, in fact. I'm going to indulge my head off during the Christmas period, but come January I'll be back at Bootcamp. So, when you make your New Year's resolution to join a gym, come and join me at Barry's - even if you've never tried any sort of exercise before, even if you're a film geek who watches an average of eight films every weekend.

"Because if it worked for me, it can work for anyone."

Take a look at the brilliant video:

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