Immigration: Stop Complaining And Get A Job, Ocado And Domino's Bosses Say

Brits Don't Want Our Jobs, Say Ocado And Domino's Pizza Bosses

Brits should find jobs of their own and stop complaining about immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria coming here to work, Ocado's Sir Stuart Rose has said.

And the boss of Domino's Pizza Lance Batchelor has complained that his chain of delivery services has 1,000 jobs going that Brits are not prepared to apply for - and thinks more immigrants should be allowed to live and work in Britain, saying: "There are a huge number of jobs at the bottom end of the service industry, and not enough people in the UK who want to work for them".

Rose, the former Marks and Spencer chief executive told Sky News on Sunday: "I'm a free market economist, we operate in a free market."

"If these people want to come here, and work the hours they are prepared to work for the wages they are prepared to work for, then so be it."

Ocado's Sir Stuart Rose has said Brits should stop complaining about immigrants

"It's up to people to decide what they want to do. I think there are a lot of people who complain about their lot. Life is tough for everybody at times.

"I know people will look at me and 'It's alright for you' but I started off with pretty well nothing, I did a lot of menial jobs when I was young.

"I didn't worry about the status of the job I was more worried about my self esteem and the fact I had a job. I fact I would look myself in the mirror and say 'I've earned a few bob'."

Domino's Pizza has 1,000 jobs available, Batchelor said

Batchelor agreed, telling the Evening Standard: “We’re struggling to get enough employees. Since the immigration laws were tightened up two or three years ago, we are finding it harder and harder to hire staff, especially in London and the South East.

“People who would have worked here a few years ago now don’t want these jobs. We could fill 1,000 jobs across the UK tomorrow if we could get candidates to apply for them.”

"This should maybe be a reason why many British people do not access the vacancies on the labour market for which Romanian citizens, for example, are going to apply," she said.

"If there are vacancies, somebody will fill them, whether they are from Romania, Italy, Spain or wherever..."

Leaving London was key, in order to find good work, Sir Stuart said, saying there was "real signs things are beginning to move [in the regions]."

"Many many companies are preparing to re-invest. And it's wrong to say it's London centric, it's a UK centric thing. There are some good things happening."


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