The world is on fire, but football, when done the right way, has the opportunity to set an example our leaders cannot, it is up to us as fans to support that, journalist Jen Offord writes.
The game on Monday night had to be stopped twice because of racist abuse aimed at the England players.
Uefa’s three-step protocol acknowledges that racism is a problem on the pitch, but still puts the onus on the players to deal with it, writes Dr Peter Olusoga
Former CEO Peter Fankhauser said government ministers from Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece all made personal contact with him.
Boris Johnson and England Captain Harry Kane have called for stronger punishments following the shocking match against Bulgaria.
UEFA’s anti-racism protocol was enacted in Sofia as Nazi salutes spotted. England won 6-0.
Grylls cooked the animal during an episode of his Running Wild series.
Bulgaria is not on the bucket list of most travellers and many would find it difficult to place the country on a map. This
Beyond the tiled roofs, you can see thick greenery and in the distance, the rough upper peaks of the Rila range, white-peaked
Nestled in mountain forests an hour and a half south of Sofia, the Rila Monastery is Bulgaria’s most popular tourist destination