Tracey Crouch, Conservative MP For Chatham And Kent, Creates Facebook Page For Her Cats Mungo & Basil

The Conservative MP for Chatham and Kent loves her cats Mungo and Basil.

In fact, Tracey Crouch loves her cats so much, she has created them a Facebook page, through which they "talk" to her constituents.

The two black rescue cats post updates including lamentations that their "mummy" has been away for a while and also congratulating her on her successes as a Member of Purrrliament Parliament.

"Mummy won an award today *happy faces* but is not coming home until tomorrow *sad faces*,' one of the cats 'said' on November 7.

"Mummy's been on TV talking about banning legal highs... I hope she doesn't mean catnip!!" said another.

The MP said she set up the profile so as not to "bore people with endless pictures of them on Twitter."

Ms Crouch told the Daily Mail there has been "a great reaction to [the Facebook site]."

Ms Crouch, 38, hit the headlines in 2011 when she was banned from the Commons soccer team - because she was a woman.