Chinese Boy, 8, Stripped, Tied To Tree And Whipped By Father For Skipping School

This Boy's Dad Caught Him Skipping School

An eight-year-old Chinese boy was stripped, tied to a tree and whipped in front of an applauding crowd by his own father just for skipping school.

Despite the beating taking place in public and in bitterly cold weather, many in China have held the punishment as an example of how to discipline children.

According to the Mirror, one eyewitness said: "I think most people sympathised with the dad. You don't get anywhere in China today without an education and if this kid was on a path of truancy, then he would be a no-hoper.

The boys red back is visible

"It was a tough beating and the kid was bawling his eyes out - but I bet he won't forget that lesson in a hurry.

"And he will probably think the lessons he was skipping are easy by comparison."

The practice of meting out corporal punishment to children in China is widespread.

A pupil at the Chinese Maryknoll Fathers' School wrote in a letter to the South China Morning Post: "Many traditional Chinese families use corporal punishment to teach their children.

The boy was chained to the tree

"They believe that once the pain is over, the lesson will be engraved on the child's mind and the mistake will not be repeated. It's an easy way of 'teaching' children right from wrong.

"Yet a child that goes through corporal punishment really doesn't understand what he did wrong."

Corporal punishment is lawful in China but there are restrictions to avoid cases of excessive violence, reports the Daily Mail.


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