Totally Uninhabited Remote Pacific Island Has Google Street View (PICTURES)


Lisianski Island in the North Pacific Ocean is remote. So remote that if you didn't know exactly where to look, you'd probably never be able to find it.

Elevated at just 40 feet above sea level, the half-mile-square island is more than 1,600 km away from the nearest major landmass - and its only inhabitants are the rare birds that patrol its meagre shores.

Which is why it's a bit odd that the entire Hawaiian island is mapped in high-resolution photos on Google Street View.

If you zoom into the island and try to drop Google's 'Yellow Man' pin to enter Street View mode, you'll find a huge amount of imagery captured on the remote coral island.

We were first alerted to the presence of the imagery on an only vaguely related Reddit thread, and at first it seemed like a bit of a mystery.

Sadly a bit of digging revealed the truth - the island was added to the service along with several parts of Antarctica as part of a 'remote places' collection earlier this year.

But still, it's quite amazing to stroll the shores of a place you'll never visit - and would never be able to find on a map if it wasn't for Google's ever-more-all-seeing eye.

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