Ukip Supporters React To Nigel Farage's Call For Asylum For Syrian Refugees

LOOK: Ukip Supporters React To Nigel Farage's Refugee Call

Nigel Farage surprised some this morning with a call for Britain to open its doors to people fleeing the war in Syria.

The Ukip leader said there was a "responsibility" on those in the West to help people caught up in the deadly conflict.

His intervention was welcomed by many pundits - but how would Ukip supporters, many of whom insist this country is 'full' and cannot accept any new arrivals, react?

Judging from the comments on the Ukip Facebook page, not well.

Farage's comments were slated by Facebook-users

Farage's comments have been 'liked' by over 300 people, but the comments are overwhelmingly negative, and the Ukip leader is told to 'shut up' and warned he has lost votes.

The reaction on Twitter wasn't much better:

Farage told the BBC: "I think refugees are a very different thing to economic migration and I think that this country should honour the spirit of the 1951 declaration on refugee status that was agreed."


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