The World Of Bodybuilders: Muscled Men, Women And Children Take Fitspiration To The Extreme

If the year were made up of 12 months of January rather than indulgent Decembers and holiday-soaked Julys, we might have a shot at being a little bit more healthy and toned (and less full of booze).

But just as the festive season drives many to excess, so too can pushing the human body to the physical extreme.

Welcome to photographer Kurt Stallaert's Bodybuilders' World, a series of muscled men, women and children in a bizarre imaginary world.

Both beautiful and threatening, the images explore the reality of the human body - where extremities and indulgence are commonplace.

From school children with bulging biceps to secretaries who could bench press a small car, the images serve to unsettle rather than inspire.

Bodybuilders' World

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