Police Seize Drugs In Parliament Just Once In 2013, FOI Reveals

Chris Cheadle via Getty Images

Police have seized drugs just once in the last year on the Parliamentary estate after someone was caught in possession of cannabis, a Freedom of Information request from the Huffington Post UK reveals.

The cannabis seizure took place on 25 March 2013 at Parliament's Cromwell Green Entrance, according to records from the Met's SO17 division, which guard the Parliamentary estate.

Cromwell Green Entrance, where the drug seizure happened on 25 March 2013 (Note: This is just to illustrate. None of the people in shot are implicated)

The fact that drugs were seized just once in the last year may be surprising given recent revelations about the interest in illegal drug sites on Parliament's computer network.

However, this could suggest either the Metropolitan police are keeping Parliament drug-free or some people are successfully smuggling drugs into and around the Parliamentary estate.

The fact that evidence of cocaine use was found inside the toilets at the Houses of Parliament in June suggests that drug users may be getting away with it under the nose of the police.

As a Class B drug, anyone found in possession of cannabis will have it confiscated by police and likely be placed under arrest. However, the Met Police did not disclose what happened after the cannabis was seized in the March incident.

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