Medical cannabis

Just three NHS prescriptions have been given out since medical cannabis was legalised in 2018, it's been suggested.
Hannah Deacon’s son Alfie has refractory epilepsy and after years of fighting in court, was given Britain’s first medicinal cannabis prescription to improve his quality of life. However, with only two weeks notice, the Brexit deal agreed upon by the British government means that Alfie can no longer import his prescription from the Netherlands, leaving the family to once again face having to fight to give Alfie any semblance of a seizure-free life.
With two weeks’ notice, we lost access to the only treatment which has given Alfie any quality of life. We need urgent assistance.
From diverse new leaders to drugs reform, there are some glimmers of hope amid the current mess.
“Sometimes, doctors need to think about things on a more human and personal level.”
All you need to know about cannabis-based medicinal products, a year after they were legalised in the UK.
Global cannabis prescriptions and CBD wellness products are on the rise, but there's "little evidence" they help mental illnesses, say researchers.
Medical cannabis was legalised last year, but patients say they are struggling to access NHS prescriptions.
Carly Barton, who has been using medicinal cannabis to treat excruciating chronic pain condition, says patients are being let down by the latest draft guidance from Nice.