10/01/2014 05:42 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 10:53 GMT

Ry Turner's 'Why I Shouldn't Drink' Bridge Sign YouTube Video Shows Why No-one Should Ever Drink. EVER

Meet Ry Turner. He's a student who describes himself as a "polite sensible guy".. who gets "steaming with the lads" and does "mad" things.

What. A. Lad.

These "mad" things include filming himself blind drunk up a crane, blind drunk smashing a light across his head, blind drunk setting fire to his armpit.... you get the picture.

Love him already? Thought so.

If you're struggling with dry January then perhaps one of his offerings, blind drunk on a bridge on a busy A-road, will help you realise no-one should ever drink. EVER.

Ry Turner: ULTIMATE LAD (as we've now dubbed him), is clearly enjoying his new-found fame. Posting on his Facebook, he crowed: "Well theres a massive picture of me half naked looking completely fucked on the front page of the paper with the headline 'MADNESS'... As funny as this is I really hope my parents dont stumble across it today hahaha."

The local 'sleb added: "On the front page of the Chronicle today and I could not look more of a gimp. the headline should be 'who's the gayest?'"


And he's not a happy bunny with anyone who doesn't give him his due credit: "Why are all the news articles describing me as 'the mystery man'?? i blatantly open the video with the words 'MY NAMES RYAN TURNER, and i'm a bit pissed..'"

Ry Turner: ULTIMATE LAD this is your life:

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